Our Core Features


XANALIA offers a DEX NFT marketplace based on the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum. It allows the NFT community to trade their NFTs in a more secure, trustless & fast way; it not only empowers gamers to collect their much-needed items but to creators too so they can create & launch their new items.

2. AR-VR Integration:

XANALIA has AR-VR technology integration in the NFT system, which will change the way traders and digital asset collectors interact with NFTs. With the integration of AR-VR, NFT-based virtual assets become more powerful and appealing.

3. Trade

NFTs can be bought and sold at a fixed price on our decentralized platform without the involvement of any third party trusted service; if you want to buy NFT, go on our site, select NFT you wish to buy, and click to buy. The same is the case if you want to sell your NFT. Select the price at which you want to sell and list it on our platform for sale.

4. Auction

Instead of buying/selling NFT at a fixed price, you can also choose to sell your NFT on auction, where buyers will be placing bids within a given time and the minimum bid amount you set. Once the auction time expired. The highest bidder will get the NFT, and the seller will get its bid amount. All lowest bidders will get their amount back.

5. Create

We also allow NFT creators to mint their NFTs on our platforms, so in this way, they can create stores on our platform, create their NFTs, get them copyrights protected, and put them on sale for buyers.

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