How to uy NFT as a Crypto User?

2. Click on the Wallet icon in the top right corner to connect with the desired wallet With respect to the Network chain selected.

3. You can select the following Wallet with respect to the selected network chain

  • Metamask

  • Binance Chain Wallet

The above wallets can be used for connecting Xanalia Web in Desktop Meanwhile for the use of on smartphone web version you can use

  • Wallet Connect

4. After establishing the Wallet connection with, click on the NFT you would like to purchase.

5. Select the Pay in option and Choose the currency type for payment

(Note: Here we have selected Network chain:- Binance and Wallet:- Metamask should be connected with Binance Smart chain )

※You can be able to purchase the NFTs Minted in the Binance Network chain. In the same way, for other Network chains (POLYGON and ETHERUM) also make sure your wallet is connected respectively.

6. You can make a direct purchase by clicking on the [ BUY] Button, after selecting the currency type or

7. You can click on the View details to see the Detailed view of the artwork.

8. After Viewing all the details regarding the NFT you can select the Currency Type to be paid for the purchase and you can click on the BUY button.

9. After clicking the confirm button in the Metamask. Your NFT has been successfully purchased. You can view your NFT in the [Owned] tab of

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