NFT Generator


As its name shows, it allows users to create their NFTs and launch them on our platform for trade. In Xanalia we have got a smart contract-based protocol that allows NFT creators to publish their newly designed, attractive, and potential NFTs. Once the community ensures copyrights it is allowed to be traded on our platform.

Users donโ€™t have to code anything or deploy their smart contracts to launch their NFTs, they will be able to use our deployed core system contracts to create their NFTs.

To make this process more smooth and quick weโ€™ll also be releasing our NFT Generator SDK, so creators using SDK can easily create, verify and list their NFTs on sale.

This SDK will also be a tool for NFT creators to manage their on-chain NFT stores and all their NFTs so that creators can focus more on their creative work than learning how blockchain works.

Key Features

  1. Build collection

  2. Create copyrights protected NFTs

  3. Trade your created NFTs on XANALIA

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