NFT Marketplace


Xanalia offers an NFT marketplace i.e. DEX based on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon, allowing the NFT community to trade their NFTs in a more secure, trustless & fast way. XANALIA NFT Marketplace not only empowers gamers to collect their much-needed items but to creators too so they can launch their new NFTs to massive potential buyers through our platform.

Buyers will be able to buy NFTs listed on sale at

  • Fixed-price

  • Auction

Buyers can place bids on NFTs listed for auction till the auction time expires; once auction time expires, the highest bidder will get the NFT and its seller will receive the price. All other lower bidders will get their bid amounts back once the NFT auction is completed.

As an NFT store owner, apart from setting the price of your NFT while placing it for sale, you will also be able to set a certain percentage of the fee upon all your storeโ€™s NFTs so whenever his NFT is traded, he will get a fixed percentage of its price.

We also provide a protocol to ensure the copyrights of each NFT are created & traded on our platform, where the community collectively will be granting & protecting copyrights of each NFT through a smart contract level governance mechanism.

Key Features

  1. Decentralized NFT marketplace

  2. Build your collection and create NFTs

    • Get a fee on each trade of your item

  3. Trade NFTs on-chain

    • Fixed price

    • Auction

  4. Copyrights protected NFTs

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