NFT Showcase


We usually do some sort of collection in our day-to-day life. It might be stamps, posters, coins, or anything. In XANALIA collectibles, we are going to give users the digital experience in which they can collect various types of NFTs which can be Avatars, weapons, accessories, or anything. We will have multiple features using which users can showcase their collections online or to their friends in Virtual as well as in the Real-world using AR and VR.

Key Features

1. Virtual Collection Display Room

It is basically a 3D environment that is provided to the user in which the user can showcase his collectibles to his friends or to others. It is a PC feature and available on VR as well. Here the user can also customize the visuals of the room.

Major component used to make this feature are

  1. VRTK

  2. VR interactable

  3. Oculus quest

  4. This is for PC and VR specific platforms

  5. Runtime Textures

  6. VR event systems

2. AR App

It allows users to bring virtual collectibles to be placed in the real world. Users can click pictures and share.

Major component require to develop this feature are

  1. AR foundation

  2. AR core

  3. ARkit

  4. Natcoder

3. Virtual Display Auditorium

In this feature, users can have big collectibles like cars, tanks, helicopters, spaceships, monsters.

Major Components require to develop this are:

  1. Assetbundles

  2. VRTK

  3. Interactables

4. Addables

Collections and components get added every month so that users can have a huge variety of options.

Major Components require to develop this are:

  1. AWS services

  2. Custom APIs

  3. Inventory management

  4. Admin Panel (Web end)

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